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Sugar coated lies

How often do we sugar coat our words to be kind Suppressing what we really want to say Squashing our truth and true self Considering others emotions before our own Pushing our desires & needs aside to accommodate another Feeling like its okay to let others past our boundaries ..just once, it's ok right? making excuses as to why the one we love acts out and causes us upset we can excuse their short comings, but not our own.

Somehow its my fault I have to heal more I need to change Its me not you, never spoken but believed deep internally i must learn from this I let you cross a boundary I had put in place for my emotional wellbeing I shouldn’t have Its my fault

How often do we carry other peoples beliefs Quietening my voice because yours is more worthy Your voice is more important I am less I must learn I must change Must be different Im faulty Im guilty. Of making myself smaller than I am Getting so lost in another person Because i am less. I believed I wasn’t equal I believed I was somehow less. Not as intelligent, talented, worthy. I believed I had to work for love Love was something to earn I had to prove my worthiness Prove myself in order to receive I lost myself so many times Caught up listening to what others had said about me ’Selfish, unobservant, disrespectful, head in the clouds, thick, shut up, she thinks she’s ‘it’, you don’t think about anyone but yourself, your voice is really nasal, whats that noise - in reference to me singing..’ Ah the list is endless. I was taught to be quiet, to be polite, to use manners, be thankful, to wait to talk, to not make noise. i developed a subconscious belief that I wasn’t worthy That my soul, my true self was smaller and weaker than others My voice wasn’t worth listening to I buried this belief deep down But it spilled out into my whole life From the way I spoke To my relationship with food. and In my friendships and relationships? I attracted people who weren’t right for me. Because Energy doesn’t lie Whatever belief we hold whether conscious or subconscious sets a vibration Which then attracts similar back to us Which is why we must dig deep and unearth what has been buried Unearth it and clean it Shine a light to our shadows Love every part of the journey Past future present They are all connected They are all one And then step by step Move forward Releasing the old way of being Release what we thought we knew And instead begin to learn from ourselves

The real you.

Be our own teacher, parent, lover, friend. Show up for yourself every moment Because you are worthy And know that Its absolutely acceptable to speak from your truth Its a necessity To voice what you need in the moment To give yourself as much time and space as you need To allow yourself to be held and supported when you feel it To stand in your strength To live your life with purpose To heal your trauma To release the pain and make room for love Suppressing your voice Is suppressing your strength Speak up Stand up shine your light so brightly That it leads a way for others.