Dream bigger

Have you been selling yourself short?

Dreaming small?

Making your desires fit into what your mind can easily accept in the present moment

Instead of breaking the mould!

Dreaming so BIG it scares you

Moving into a plant pot that feels massive and spacious

But allowing your roots and branches to expand into that space

Elevate your dreams

Give yourself the external space AND the internal space to grow and blossom

Support your inevitable bloom

Don't cage your dreams

They are the nourishment for your soul

The soul knows no limit

So where do the limitations in your mind originate?

If you allowed yourself to live how you wanted, to have everything you desire, be anywhere and anyone you wanted... what would that truly look like?

Ground into truth

Let your truth flood your vessel

Clearing and cleansing

Leaving no doubt or judgement behind

You are needed

Standing in your full expression and strength

You are needed

The world needs you to elevate yourself

And surpass your wildest dreams

You are worthy.

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