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A whole new world

​Imagine what it would be like to live in a world where limiting beliefs and fear didn’t exist? You could be anything and anyone you wanted to be. Living however and wherever you wanted to. The whole world was one big supportive loving community where we encourage each other to reach our highest potential and never settle for less. A world where your automatic response to an idea or dream visualised in your minds eye would be ‘oh that looks fun I would love to do that, if I visualised it, it must be coming true, amazing, well I better start preparing myself and the community for this huge achievement I’m 100% going to have and share’. A world without authority, just morals and actions made only from pure love. How does it feel to be in this inspiring new world? Light and happy, Peaceful, relaxing, calm, joyous, supportive, empowering, strong, true... This is what exists when we remove the subconscious programming, trauma, fear mongering media, companies fuelled by greed and control that plagues our mind. I allowed my dreams to be manipulated by the fear and limiting beliefs I held about myself. But they’re all lies. The minds only job is to keep us safe and through trauma we develop patterns of behaviour and thinking that the mind believes is keeping us ‘safe’. But in reality it prevents us from deep intimacy, connection, unconditional love, thriving and reaching our full potential, goals and dreams. We will all heal and enlighten eventually, it’s just which life we choose to do it in.