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Incredible DIY Edible Bronzer LASTS ALL DAY! ~ Vegan, Cruelty Free, Natural.

Natural, vegan, cruelty free makeup can very often be expensive and sometimes completely sold out at the limited places that do sell it due to popular demand... which is great for the company who creates these awesome products, but not so good for those of us who don't want to spend a lot on makeup OR join a waiting list for their next product release date.

BUT my friends this doesn’t mean we have to settle for buying chemical infused toxic gunk and buying off a company with no ethical or moral guidelines... OR contribute to the suffering of others on this planet.


Enter DIY superfood makeup recipes that are;

Quick to make

Easy to make

Include simple ingredients that don’t derive from Narnia!

My first mission was bronzer!

At the time I was using up a very old second hand palette from my mothers collection until I found a replacement. I love a bit of colour on my cheeks, but the more I wore it on my skin, the more I noticed I was starting to break out in spots. After a week of no makeup my skin was completely clear again and this was all the evidence I needed to chuck the old stuff in the bin and search for a healthier makeup option.

I originally went straight to the natural makeup vegan brand '100%pure' but MAN that stuff's expensive and everything I was looking for was sold out.

So after a bit of research I found a DIY recipe, got my nutty professor overalls on and 'bobs your uncle' here I am smelling like cinnamon bliss and looking like a bronzed goddess.

I was a little hesitant at first, would this mix work as well as the shop bought stuff?

Well I have trialed and tested and MY GOD WOMEN IT’S THE REAL DEAL.

My face smells HEAVENLY… well, chocolatey but there must be chocolate in heaven surely.

I dusted a small amount on my cheeks this morning and a few hours later I was practising inversions on a field with my dog (as one does) mid handstand I got a lovely whiff of cinnamon, it was lovely, then I realised... it was my cheeks!!

My mother compared it to a good smelling desert and i'm still awaiting a man to confirm its smell increases my attractiveness …watch this space ;) LOL

So here it is,


1 Tbs Cinnamon

1 Tsp Cacao // cocoa

2 tsp Cornflour // cornstarch

Optional extras:

1 tsp Nutmeg


15 drops lavender or rosemary essential oil

*if you prefer a loose powder leave out the essential oil, I didn't use oils in my mix.


Mix in small bowl and break up any clumps

Store in a little compact or travel pot.

Bronze away beautiful!!!

These measurements are purely guidelines and you can adjust the levels to suit the shade you desire

Colour tips:

Cinnamon provides glow

Cocoa gives depth and darkness / cacao has a lighter

Nutmeg will give a sun-kissed brown

Cornstarch spreads it all out and lightens it

Essential oil keeps it together and thickens it

Mica adds shimmer

Staying power??

12hours+!! I work as a model so i'm constantly in and out of outfits, fabrics and accessories all day. I tested the bronzer on a recent shoot and it stayed put perfectly all day from 9am till past 4.30pm... I filmed a video for the youtube channel at the end of the day so you can see its smudge free goldenness.

Thankyou for reading, let me know how you get along with your bronzing!


Wonderful recipe derived from www.thankyourbody.com

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