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All That Glitters ~ Travel Inspiration Living In Los Angeles

Sometimes you have to flip your life upside down to finally see everything the right way round.

When everything appears foggy, we travel into the haze to see things clearly.

After spending the first few weeks of a New Year a little bit down in the dumps, Im making the efforts I need to get back on track.

Sick of dragging your feet? Pick your feet up.

Bored of the same 9-5 routine? Change it up.

Yes its always easier said than done but the 'base line' will always remain the same if you don’t change anything...

You may not think it , but yes we are in control of our destiny, our own life, our routine!

We hold the pack of cards and we can deal ourselves either a shitty hand to play with, or the winning deck.

Very much like a puddle of murky swamp water, when I stay in the same location for more than a few months I too become stagnant. I go from having the energy and motivation levels of Taz the Tasmanian Devil to, well, a puddle of stagnant water. Quite a contrast, and honestly I start feeling very much not like myself at all. Which isn't fun for anyone.

"A Life Without Purpose is A Life That Is Pointless"~ Christopher Kai

So here I am, in LA.

Coming to LA to live with a professional motivator & networker for two weeks may seem a little random; but after staying in contact with this friend of friend, the invitation was too lovely to turn down.

I’m a small town girl, from the Peak District in the North of England. Having travelled extensively over the past two years, I now realise how quaint (behind) the North of England is, compared to modern Western societies.. aka. LA

For example, Veganism is widely accepted, a very popular lifestyle in California and many cities around the world. However, in the North of England you may struggle to find a Vegan menu in any local restaurants. Things are changing mind you, but slowly, at a prehistoric pace compared to LA, New York and London.

It’s hard for me to thrive mentally in such a slow environment.

Our little town is visited by super human motivators every so often. They arrive, give their incredibly motivating speeches to small audiences and leave. Going back to their super duper motivating lives in these futuristic cities.

"Be Bold And Let The Moments Unfold" ~ Christopher Kai

Within two hours of landing in LA, the home of ‘new trend’, I had already shared a car with an A List film producer, and a signed singer/song writer.

God I love LA for this reason alone.

You can be anyone here and as long as you tell your story with conviction; people will not only buy it, but they will buy YOU, and whatever else your selling on the side.

"When You Leap Off The Cliff Of Uncertainty, Thats When Your Wings Of Courage Appear" ~ Christopher Kai

Travelling not only opens windows of opportunity but it is a great way to network, and to really just see what everyone else in the world is doing. I feel like I'm walking into that haze, picking my dragging feet off the floor,and seeing life as clearly as it can ever be.

It all boils down to this:

We are too hard on ourselves, emotionally, physically and motivationally.

That inner voice telling us that whatever we do isn't good enough, and could be better, is now backed up with a whole load of Social Media content confirming to us that someone out there IS doing better.

Let's face it, you're never going to be the best, never going to be the top dog, but you don't need to be!

Because, how can top 'dog-ness' be measured anyway? When we reach our goals we are met with even higher aspirations and dreams…. its our human nature.

So why not make OUR journey to our wildest dreams, as smooth and stress free as possible.

After all it’s the journey through life that is most important!! Everyone’s end destination is inevitably death....This is meant in the most uplifting way possible my friends.

One of my favourite quotes which I’ve been told many, many times (and that I need tattooing on my forehead as a daily reminder when I look in the mirror!)


"Stop trying to reinvent the wheel." ~ Christopher Kai

When you stop trying to you realise that actually, successful people have simply used a formula that has made someone else successful too. They take the formula, amend it their personal mission and replicate it. Voila!Simple!

This along with a lot of can-do attitude, and zero self-doubt, is what gets these motivational people ahead in their business and entrepreneurial ventures.

It's incredible to talk to people who's minds are wired exceptionally perfectly for this millennial technology, business world.

Seemly born to thrive in the on-line world.

" 'Working' the room is a waste of time if you’re in the room" ~ Christopher Kai

I’ve learnt the reason there are so many entrepreneurs in Los Angeles is because it's a centre for networking.

This sunshine city not only hosts millionaires, but is also home to a fair few billionaires, and worldwide A-list celebrities too! When your amongst the glitz and glamour that is 'celebrity', it's less of a competition to the top,and more of a networking dream amongst the up and coming entrepreneurs.

Yesterday I was in Beverly Hills Wholefoods and saw Alec Baldwin and his beautiful wife; sat eating dinner on the table next to me, Gabrielle Union; walked past Tase Oakley and her sister taking photos on Rodeo Drive, and had a lovely chat with Buzz Aldrin at the downtown Los Angeles homeless shelter.

Dreamers, business people and entrepreneurs all come here for the same reason...

Just like a tribe, they surround themselves with like-minded individuals who inspire and motivate them…. "Your vibe attracts your tribe"

"Only When You Embrace Death Can You Truly Live And Enjoy Life"~ Christopher Kai

If YOU don't believe in yourself then no-one else will!

If YOU don't tell your story, and preach how amazing your skills are, be sure as hell no-one else is going to do it for you.

It can be hard to talk about our achievements for fear of being perceived as big headed or bragging, but if you under sell your self others will only be able to see you at a level less than what you are capable.

There’s a lot of individuals out there who I find ridiculously inspiring and living with one for two weeks was a blessing.

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Love & Light,