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My First Ecstatic Dance

Today I woke up for the first time.

Ecstatic Dancing with over 30 people was a third eye opening and incredibly powerful experience.

The ecstatic dance was held at The Yoga Forest in San Marcos, which was an adventure in itself to find. I walked from Tzununa, the next town over on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala which was where I was staying. From Tzununa it takes around 35 minutes to reach San Marcos and from there it was another adventurous 20 minute hill climb through back alleyways and wilderness to find the beautiful majestic Yoga Ashram.

Following the flower painted stones marking the trail, I felt like I was on a pilgrimage winding my way up the mountain under trees full of oranges.

When I arrived at the bamboo forest gates I was faced with even more stairs to climb. Meeting a new friend on my ascent who was also heading to dance, together we hiked the beautifully hand carved steps in the natural rock face adjacent to a small water stream. Over the bamboo bridges and up, up, up into what felt like the heavens. We finally arrived to a line of people eagerly waiting to enter the wooden tipi style platform.

The serene view of Lake Atitlan, the mountains, volcanos and rainforest were more than rewarding, but what was to come would be the cherry on the metaphorical cake.

We joined our new friends already sitting cross legged in a circle surrounding the fresh cacao drink in the centre - that was being poured for all dance attendees.

The aroma of cacao and spices filled the air as we sat knee to knee on cushions and blankets.

As the last dancers were seated, we took the cacao in our left hand and placed our right hand on the area of our body we felt longed for love and compassion. Together we meditated, drank cacao and created affirmations filling our bodies with the heart opening cacao liquid, infused with positivity and love.

Our meditative leader asked us to complete the sentence “I am ….”.

After absorbing the energy from the word we had chosen for ourselves we shared our love with the friend sat next to us, empowering each other with the word we had chosen and connecting in our insecurities, hopes and dreams simultaneously.

Then it was time to dance.

As the beat filled the air, one by one people crawled, stretched in asanas and began to sway into the centre of our circle, sharing their energy through their dance.

Our energies combining to bring everyone to their feet, swaying, crawling, and flowing gracefully as individuals with no contact - yet together as one.

Moving our bodies however felt and came naturally to us in that moment, without thought or effort and without judgement, just moving in pure bliss and happiness.

Dancing was a celebration of love, feeling love and being love.

Being present, here and now in this moment.

A powerful moving meditation.

This was like a Kirtan riding on a wave of universal energy!

My mind was still, calm and tranquil. My body full of pure human and cacao energy.

My third eye was wide open and my inner divine being finally released.

Like a drug I was instantly hooked.

Unlike nightclubs where I used to rely on hearing a hit song to dance to or receiving energy after a round of cocktails, the energy in my ecstatic dance never left my body, not even for a second.

Even 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 hours after we had started I was sober and still on cloud nine.

We were infused with an orgasm of spiritual energy playing with our physical bodies and massaging the mind simultaneously.

Charging every cell of body and my inner being.

I danced like I have always wanted to, without judgement, without hesitation, without effort.

Free flowing movement from the heart and inner soul, moving with the energy flowing from the universe through each and every one of us.

Every person moving along their own path yet meeting in an energetic flow.

Hours and hours passed, we danced, meditated and did asanas wherever the body so desired. We were a twister, dance and yoga floor all together, all at the same time. It was beautiful.

With eyes closed, with eyes open, sitting cross legged, standing meditation, children and adults joined in harmonious blissful loving meditative dance.

When the beat of the music calmed so did our flowing movements and we all gradually melted into a human jigsaw, our bodies entwined to cover the entire floor surface. Individually we breathed and lay in a human jigsaw savasna.

I floated about San Marcos for the rest of the day with some of my new dancing friends, basking in the meditative energy and feelings of happiness and love.

We ended the day on the side of the lake in a Song Circle. Together we sang mantras, played instruments and created melodies together.

The sun setting as we sang together in harmony;

“You are love, I am love

You are love, I am love

We are all family

We are all family

We are all family”

Rebecca x

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