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A Selfie With The Real Buzz LightYear

Mr Buzz Aldrin… The real Buzz Light-Year, who the character in Toy Story was named after!

The second man on the moon - and 1 of only 5 remaining moon landing astronauts, still alive - chose to celebrate his 88th birthday at the USA's largest shelter for the homeless.

At the downtown Los Angeles shelter, the evening kicked off with a surprise serenading from the children and mentors. He was greeted with balloons and singing 'Happy Birthday Mr Buzz'. A humbling experience for anyone, Mr Aldrin was all smiles as he greeted the crowded room of eagerly awaiting people.

Run by Global Speaker Christopher Kai, 'Mondays at the Mission' is the only Homeless Youth programme of its kind in the world. The classes help homeless teens to learn career skills by providing them with Role Models... and what better role model than a pioneering engineer, astronaut and 1 of only 12 humans to ever walk on the moon!!

The shelter has been visited by many celebrities, and inspiring business people, over the years it has been running. They have had visits from people such as; Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Kendal and Kylie Jenner, Paris Jackson, Kendrick Lamar, Dodgers baseball player - Andre Ethier, Entourage actor - Adrian Grenier, Tesler founder - Elon Musk... to name only a few! All of them hoping to bring attention to the rising statistic of homelessness in the United States of America.

Los Angeles has the highest rate of homelessness than any other state. Approximately 50,000 to 60,000 people may be found homeless on any given night.

Of those, 4 out of every 5 is ‘unsheltered’, meaning they are forced to sleep on the streets. This epidemic is growing, and the lucky few that make it to the shelter in downtown LA only have a 45 day stay.

Only a small percentage of inspiring group of mentors and celebrities visit to raise awareness, and help at the shelter in motivational classes for the children. However, their help IS making an impact! The love they share can be felt in the smiles on the faces of those few homeless people that take refuge at the shelter.

Even with busy schedule, we can all do our bit to help. Love and kindness is free and within us all, they are the best gifts we can give.

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Love & Light-years,

Rebecca x