These art creations are inspired by our Mother - Gaia.
I invest my time in nature, walking barefoot, hiking mountains, running trails, meditating with trees, travelling to places near and far around the globe. 
Gathering inspiration from the kind people I meet, different cultures carried through generation to generation, and the expansive variety of nature blossoming in every places possible.
Nothing is more inspiring and uplifting for me than a blue sky, a fresh breeze and nature for as far as the eye can see.
Standing in her essence, engaging my senses to absorb nature in her fullest expression, the sights, the sounds, the smells...
Without her I would not be me and I would not feel able to create. 
Happiness and inner emotional balance are the keys to my creative centre, and I project that into every piece of art. Channelling the cosmos and soul essence of the universe to inspire uplift, empower and heal the viewer.
Each piece carries a vibration, whichever resonates with you is yours.
Allow my work to uplift your energy and inspire your dreams into fruition. 
When you see your art let it be a reminder...
That you are worthy of your grandest, wildest dreams.
That you deserve what your heart desires
You are a vessel of overflowing unconditional love
You deserve the best in your life
You are the creator, the writer, the leading role
You are powerful and inspiring
And you are unique, your life is important, you are important.
Be free to be your true self, you in your fullest expression.
You are beautiful and I see you.
Lots of love,
Rebecca x
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